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Living it UP at PyCon Nigeria

Hi Ya'll, It has been a while since I posted something on this blog. A lot has happened and I had to take some time off. I am not fully back yet, but am slowly getting back into the groove of things. For starters, I have dropped off a few projects that I was working on, most of them successfully complete, while others are in parked mode. The basic idea is: I need to re-focus and re-strategise on what I would like to do in the coming five (5) years. In short, I have something installed for you, watch this space. Anyhow, this post is about PyCon Nigeria , I am here, writing this very post from Lagos, Nigeria .  PyConNG!!! I think that is me in Lagos! :-) This is a Python programming language conference and is currently underway, it will run from September 13 (today) - 15, 2019. Well, rather let me say that it focuses on the language and the many cool uses of the programming language, from web apps to data sciences.  The first day (today) is dedica