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A night to remember

Hi y'all,

So the other day I am sitting in my office doing some "work" of course! Bored to the core as the repetitive nature of some tasks can be. Time seemed to be moving so gat darn slow and the stack of papers seemed to have an auto-refill from HELL!

That was a side track the point is around 15h47 I get a call from a dear friend and partner in crime of mine. Yes! I am well aware of how precise that time is, I check while writing this post. The gist of all this blahh blahh is that I got an invite be her plus one (1). Being I was bored I was ready to leave the office. The only thing that kept me in the office was the idea of eventually being stuck in traffic for a few minutes to an hour while we battle congestion on the way to the venue.

After about two (2) hours of anxiously waiting it out we made our way to the lovely River Crossing Lodge just on the outskirts of Windhoek (5 minutes) on the airport road, located on a 6500 hectare game reserve. That place has an amazing view of Windhoek and surrounding mountains. For some reason it reminds me of being at the Cattle Post and having a proper braai and cold ones :-). In true Namibian fashion most of the guests were late, but my friend and I being the odd people out of a Nation, we showed up a few minutes early, about thirty (30) I think, well I know it was thirty minutes: I checked! The birthday girl (lady) arrived and so did the majority of guests. The reception was a sundowner/ red skies and champagne affair, we introduced ourselves and a few words from the the attendees started the event off on a good note ... at this point I skipped so much but I will make this plug... we picked up the professional photographer on our way to River Crossing, a mini photo-session and it was time to enter the venue.

Our table was set in a room and it seemed as though we were the only group in this magnificent room that had a chandelier from the gods and a central fireplace to melt any heart: well at least any liker of things, lovely flower arrangements and lined with bottles of Moet and Chandon!

I had so much fun that I ended up carrying out a bottle of Moet as we departed the lovely Lodge! I can't wait for the next trip out to River Crossing.

On a side note, river crossing is not accessible to Ferrari's, sports cars in general or drop suspension vehicles. But the view from up there is totally worth it. They have this pool that sits between to dinning areas and a balcony that overlooks the Aus mountains. (I might add a picture or two sometime soon).

Thank you to my friend and her friends friends, it was indeed nice meeting y'all,




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