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Moonlight and All that I/It/He Is-Was-Is; repeat!

Hi ya'll, (Photo Credit: Gabriel Nhinda) I sit here wondering but pondering really of what has become of the child. Bewildered as I reminisce of all the freedom and carefree spirited-ness that a child embodies. Have you ever just thought, I mean really honesty thought and analysed your thoughts of the boy/girl child you are? I don't know, but there is something fragile about growing-up rich in fear, fear of failure, fear in success (whatever that even means!), fear in all things life. Somethings make no sense to me most times and I choose to ignore them. Why? you may ask! I see no reason why I should spend time wondering why I do not understand other peoples behavior at times, after all as a friend once put it "They don't care anyway". But back to my initial thought. There is something about the moonlight that simply takes me to a place of peace, a place where I could swear I was much younger and have no worries or none that I could care to worry about in

Leipzig Throw Back

Hi Ya'll, So it has been a moment since my last post, although I did say that I would blog more often. I guess I fell off the wagon AGAIN. This time I will not promise anything but I shall try to keep my blog posts more frequent. I was going through my hard-drive the other day and I saw some pictures from Leipzig , I mean that was such a long time ago I can barely believe it has been more than 2 years since I lived in Germany. Below is a picture of me playing some Basketball in the Clara Zetkins Park with a group of really cool ballers from Leipzig. They have a Facebook group called Zocke im ClaraPark , they organise pick-up games every now and then, but if you go to the courts you will find someone there. what I did was just go jogging through the park and if I found somebody there then, then I played else I continued with a jog. (Photo credit: I have no idea) Pictures really do bring back some memories. Anyhow, twas nice to see this picture. Laterz, G!