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Connecting Eenhana

Hi Ya;ll, So a while back (last year) I blogged about the connecting Eenhana project. Well we are it again. We have been in Eenhana since Yesterday (29 March 2016) setting up and doing maintenance on the remaining nodes. I must say by the end of the day, we had accomplished a lot. Firstly, we conducted some Basic Networks Workshop with; Active Youths from the Eenhana Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre , personnel from the Vocational Training Centre , Ohangwena Community Radio Station , Community members, etc. This was a welcomed sight for me as it gave me the chance to stand in-front of a different audience to give a lecture on Networks; a subject matter that I enjoy! Unbeknownst to me, we had to give the workshop in Oshiwambo (which is most spoken indigenous language in Namibia) and English. The last time somebody asked me to explain anything Technology related in Oshiwambo was years back in my undergrad when my grandma (I suspect being pushed my DAD) queried what