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Merry New year (2016)

Hi ya'll, It seems like ages ago when I decided to start this blog. Yes, I am fully aware that my postings have not been consistent, for that I apologise. On the bright side I can successfully say that I have figured a few things and will be making writing even a little piece a frequent thing. Thought I have not yet decided on the frequency. In any case I am trusting that most of you have returned safely from you travels (if you weren't working that is). I myself had me a MERRY NEW YEAR!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But even more exciting it is almost 2 years since I returned back home .... yaaay :) It amazes me how time flies so fast, it seems like only a few months ago I was in limbo as to what I was to do with the rest of my life now that I have returned to the #hometurf. Now, things seem much clearer and I have settled relatively well although there are a few things that