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Community Mesh Network in Northern Namibia

Hi ya'll, The last few weeks saw the end of the first semester at the University where I lecture. There was a mini recess which usually means that the University closes down and the vacations start. I was however fortunate enough to have a Professor in my School that got some funding to set-up a community network in Northern Namibia. The basic idea behind this network is that it is build by the people for the people with the knowledge and tutelage of networks experts and facilitators. All in all the setup took many months of planning and many others of strategising how all will be done. The first week saw us travel from the capital Windhoek to Eenhana. Eenhana is the capital of the Ohangwena Region. The Ohangwena Region has the highest concentration of the Namibian Population (Well at least most of the people come from there). Being that the population of Namibia is only about 2.3 Million people, it is characterised with development inequalities. This is not a new phenomeno