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XAML and C# programming

Hi ya'll, So a few months back I blogged about developing a Windows 8 WinRT application for my Master's degree project . Sometime back a friend asked me why we did not use JavaScript instead of XAML and C# according to him "XAML was killed by Steve Jobs", seeing that iOS doesn't utilize flash etc. Today i just got confirmation that I didn't waste my time learning XAML, in all honesty XAML is not that hard or maybe I just didn't dive really deep. But then again how much deeper can you get than creating the User Interface of a mobile application? Anyway back to the article, it was written by Kevin Dockx, who happens to be an expert on the subject matter and is actually rather well-known within the XAML developer community, especially in Europe. He is of the idea that XAML actually has a bright future especially for those developers using it for develop Business Applications. Furthermore he adds that the advent of Xamarin into the Microsoft Partners