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My interesting neighbors in Leipzig

Hi ya'll, So from my post from the 2nd of August I stated that I would blog about my neighbors in Leipzig. Well here goes... In Leipzig I stayed in the suburb of Plagwitz which in located on the southern end of Leipzig about 12 mins tram ride to the city centre. Believe it or not that is considered relatively central. It is the old industrial area of the city and is characterized with some old abandoned factories and some that were converted to lofty offices and trendy apartment blocks. The majoring of the people that stay here are students and young professionals. But also young couples with babies and young children, this is mainly because of its proximity to parks and it is relatively quiet. Also I have noticed that there were also a number of strange people hanging around there. Strange in the sense that whenever I saw them they always looked like they were doing nothing. Being the curious cat that I am i started keeping tabs on these people. I came to find out that so

Namibia; home where the rooster crows

Hi Ya’ll, I have been rather silent of late. It is partly because of laziness and because I moved back to #Namibia. I move towards the middle of last month and needed some time adjust. Being home is awesome, I must say that my time here started on a high note and that could be a contributing factor on why I think that being home rocks. Firstly seeing my Family is the most amazing feeling that I cannot put in words. It is a feeling of homeliness if that is even a word. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time in Germany and Europe but for some reason I always felt like there was something missing. I guess I now know what it is. My first week I spent in the capital #Windhoek, were I joined the last minute preparations for a cousins wedding. Now this was the start of my party time here. It was filled with family and friends alike. I loved being part of this wedding because I got to see some family members I have not seen in almost 7 years. Additionally it was a good way to ease

Cattle Ranching in Namibia

Hi ya’ll, I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I come from a farming family and that means that I spent a lot of my childhood on a farm. What is with the intro dude? Well, today I aim at giving a little insight on what it is like to farm in Namibia. Namibia is a semi-desert land that is about 2.3 times the size of Germany. The rainfall in not dependable and for the past few years we have been experiencing weird climatic changes. From over-flooded to rains not coming at all. The majority of Namibians are pastoral and tend to farm on communal land that has been assigned to them during the Apartheid era of Namibia’s history (The apartheid government created homelands that did not belong to the people and they merely rented the land and paid and annual tax – which is still done to date- that is how they forced most people to work on farms etc. *This according to my grand neighbor in the village*). These lands are on fertile soil but the dependence on rain means th