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Mannheim vs Leipzig

Hi Ya'll, So it has been a while since I wrote about anything. Well todays piece will be about the slight but big differences that I have experienced living in Mannheim and Leipzig. Where Mannheim is a cross between a melting pot of cultures well mostly Turkish, German and East European. Leipzig has an interesting feel to it. One would thing that it has its own culture as a whole. The above sentences might seem wild and a bit far fetched but, coming from a country where we have to observe other peoples cultures in an attempt not to offend anyone, I try to assimilate to any environment that I find myself. Moving to Leipzig about 9 months ago I came to the realization that even though I moved within Germany the atmosphere felt a little more relaxed and less stressful if you will as compared to that of Mannheim. It could be just because I was at the Business School in Mannheim  (mostly although I was part of the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics ) and the pressures