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Back in Mannheim

Hi ya'll, So I have finally moved back to Mannheim with the intention of finishing my thesis and having it corrected of course. As for now I am having what they call "mittagstief". It is just remarkable the differences between Mannheim and Leipzig. Come to think of it I am starting to miss Leipzig already only being here 1 day. In any case it is really awesome to meet up with friends especially in the summer when it is usually empty in Mannheim. Great thing they also have to write their theses and work on some projects else I would be so bored all by myself here. On a brighter note, it is starting to look promising with the thesis and I simply just have to finish the editing and organization of all the references in time. That was just a little update. Laterz, G! 

Writing the thesis...

Hi ya'll, So I am still busy writing my thesis well, 21.7.14 11:59 is the last date and time for the hand in.  I can't wait for the time when I hand it in, overall it is done I am left with the last 5 pages of the thesis which I just can't seem to crank out. I mean on a day some 2 months ago I wrote 7 pages in one day and I mean proper quality stuff but I just can't seem to finish writing 5 pages. It has been 3 days now that I have been trying to finish these pages but I just can't. Giving up is not an option I will have to dig deep and pull 'em words from my fingers somehow. Writing this post is just another classic example of professional procrastination. I know this for a fact because I could be writing one of those paragraphs for the 5 pages but I just don't know. Hopefully if I keep typing here I will get inspiration to continue writing. Not that I am a writer or anything but they say there is something called a writers block, I am self

UX Design for Namibia

Hi ya'll, For the past 8 months I have been working on my thesis, I know it seems like a long time but really I was learning so much it is crazy. So the story starts in 2012 when i started my Masters studies in Germany. As a requirement for my Masters degree we have to be part of a team that works on a software development project. I come from a Networking and Systems Administration background and programming is a distant cousin that I rarely visited. Now I had to be a developer, the easiest way was to be a front-end developer ( XAML , HTML, JavaScript and C#). Okay back on track, I was responsible for the front-end design and development of our Microsoft ARM Windows 8 application . I thought I was doing such an awesome job and it was working as per specifications and requirements documentation. one thing I neglected to do was design, from the perspective of the user  instead, I concentrated on designing and developing from my own perspective as if I were the intended user. F

Girl kills animals and posts pictures onto facebook!

Hi ya'll, Recently there has been a craze over a cheerleader from the US posting pictures of herself and her kills. This news has traversed the inter-web so much so that some angry people online have made statements like: "[sic] ich hoffe Kendall Jones passiert das gleiche was sie den Tieren antut so gestört diese Frau einfach mal durch Spaß bedrohte Tierarten töten also wenn sie denkt das man das einfach nur durch Spaß tut  dann kann man das gleiche auch mit ihr machen aus Spaß natürlich nur." Which basically just means that they wouldn't mind her Kendall Jones to be shot in the same manner as she shot those animals "only for fun of course". She did state "Hunters are the biggest conservationists there are,"  . I have been reading about this story for a few days now and have come to find it funny that even some news agencies in the US have not done Kendall the courtesy of asking what those pictures were actually all about before going p

Dependency on foreign Aid, Aid, Aid

Hi ya'll, In this post I will be writing about something that really bugs me about the world as it is at the moment. It starts of with me writing my thesis, needing a break I took the opportunity to catch-up with some news from home. Not that kind of news, rather that which hardly makes it into the newspapers "because it does not sell". I mean social media to be specific Facebook. I was reading about some really funny story about; okay  I can't remember what exactly it was but it was funny, take my word for it. Anyway that is not the focus of this post. As I scrolled down a friends timeline I came to see a very disturbing but true post about how most developing countries have come to depend on aid. I mean looking back now I can see that actually that is the truth. I personally know of people that do almost nothing for themselves, they sit and wait for a donor agency to come along and tell them what to do with their time. Others seem to be over the moon with work

Okavango Delta is a World heritage site!

Hi ya'll, The Okavango Delta occurs in three countries, namely: Angola, Botswana and Namibia respectively. It is made up of flat flood zones that supply wild animals (birds, Lechwe, Hippo etc.) with plenty of food to gaze and for the traveler an breathtaking scenery parallel to none-other in the world. No better sun set Mode of transportation From outta space Although this come a bit late but I read that the Okavango Delta has been registered by Botswana onto the World Heritage list. This is a remarkable achievement not only for the preservation of its natural beauty but also for the employment generation possibilities. Although it took about 5 years for the government of Botswana to put it onto the list; due to the number of stakeholders that needed to be consulted. Since I can remember I have heard about the Okavango Delta, this is one of the most magnificent natural wonders that I have heard of and seen pictures of. It spots some of the most scenic hor