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Hi ya'll, For some time now I have been contemplating where I should give my 2 cents on the Human Centered Design (HCD) vs User Centered Design (UCD) vs Customer Centered Design (CCD) debate. It is a tricky and sticky situation to be in when you are talking to someone and say; hey so do you guys do UCD? and this I feel it sometimes a trick question because if you say yes then there are other questions like: why not HCD or CCD? Well, to the best of my understanding HCD refers to putting the "human" in the center of your design decisions. This means not only the user but includes all the stakeholders that are involved in product design. It is prudent to state that user does not always mean it is a human being as some systems are designed as input for other systems and so forth. UCD on the other hand is something that has made the rounds and many still think that it is the holy grail. Well they are right as long as their project requirements dictate that i.e. I am doin

Africa and innovation

Hi ya'll, To start-off I would like to mention that the contents of this post are purely based on my opinions and do not represent any organisations that I might be working with at the moment. So now LEGO! A few years back I read an article of a young and aspiring engineer that created his own automobile out of scrap parts. Another such occurrence was reported in one of Namibia's northern regions were a young man had invented a helicopter from recycled materials. One more example is based on a young boy that created batteries and a lighting system that he then sold to his neighbors. One common denominator among this young people is that they all had no formal engineering training. This brings me to thinking that as much as an engineering education is needed, many self taught mechanics still open garages all over Africa, where I am from they refer to them as Bush Mechanics. Truth be told, I sometimes have some of those that I trust more than the "official mechanics&qu

Update: Master Thesis

Ongeipi, I am not sure if I blogged about this but I am a Master of Science in Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany. I needed to start this post off by stating that because it is relevant what comes next. Anyway I will get on with it as I am strapped for time these days. For some time now I have been writing my thesis in the lovely city of Leipzig within a software company. Specifically in their User Experience department. Here I am researching the potential of "The potential Mobile-First approach for the design of user interfaces: the case of predictive analytics applications" ; that is the official tittle of my thesis. The basic idea is to have an exploratory look if the mobile first approach as was proposed by Luke W. in his November 2, 2009 article, actually could be used to design and eventually develop business applications. The current status of affair has it that companies just downsize their current desktop applications and

Leipzig: City of contrasts

For those of you that do not know by now, I have moved from the lovely town of Mannheim to the city of Leipzig . Notice how I deliberately make a distinction between town and city? well that is because there are fundamental differences between Mannheim and Leipzig. One such difference is the sheer size in square kilometers. Mannheim spots an area of about 144.9 sq KM compared to of 296.7 sq KM Leipzig. Another noticeable difference is the population size of Leipzig being more than half a million whereas the population of Mannheim is about three tenths of a million: that is a difference of about 200 thousand people. This post is however not about the differences between Leipzig and Mannheim. It is about Leipzig the city of many contrasts. Leipzig is home to one of the most famous battle grounds of the late Napoleon war ; which is known as the "Battle of Nations" . It was also one of the hardest hit cities in world war II with the total distraction of the cities infrastructur