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First modelling Gig: Booked and Done

Servus, So anyhow on a lighter note, today is the 22nd of March and I must say my body aches all over. Why you must ask, well a few months ago I was talking to an acquaintance who happens to be a professional photographer , about sports in general and how I would like to find some basketball courts in Leipzig, Germany to play at especially during the summer. Anyhow as the conversation progressed she ask if I would be interested in doing a photo-shoot sometime in the future, being the adventurous individual that I am I elated at the possibility and we agreed that when they are ready she would contact me. Fast forward as few months later, I get an e-mail telling me the photo-shoot would be on Friday 21st March, Namibian Independence day ! the stars were aligned and I moved some appointments so that I would have enough time to part-take in the photo-shoot uninhibited. Now up until this point I had never done any print modelling or relatively almost no modelling at all other than

From Autumn to Winter in Leipzig

Servus, So for the last few months I have been living in Leipzig, Germany . I must say this is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. You might ask how so? Well thank you for asking. Firstly it is situated near Halle , Dresden and Berlin is not too far either. A few hours drive and you are in Prague, Czech Republic for the weekend. Secondly there are so many parks in Leipzig it is crazy. And now that the Spring is almost here, well let us just say that the air smells like Bärlauch and the parks are filled with people sun bathing or grilling. Thirdly it is bicycle friendly, the amount of bicycles in this city is astounding from the classic DDR bicycles to some of the more modern two wheeler Rennräder . On a afternoon excursion through the Clara Zetkin Park all you see are bicycles, roller skates and skateboards on the road. The upside to this, is that the people are relatively friendly too. Fourthly never have I seen so many people that jog in one city, and it is from al