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3rd Managing Risk in Africa Conference

11.02.2014 F rankfurt, Germany - At the recently concluded conference themed 3rd Managing Risk in Africa Conference , many experts on doing business on the African continent were in Attendance. Below are some of the notes that I took. Opening remarks from Dr. Stefan Liebing photo courtesy: Gabriel Tuhafeni Nhinda The conference was officially opened by Dr. Stefan Liebing, the Chairman of the organizing institution: Afrika-Verein der deutschen wirtschaft . In his opening remarks he emphasized the importance of  distinguishing the fact that the conference is not called Risks in Africa rather Managing Risks in Africa. He further adds that  the aim of the conference is not to talk about risks in African but rather how to manage risks in Africa. Additionally states that it is high time most organisations start viewing the African continent as potential strategic partners as opposed to a donations destination. Furthermore he cautioned German businesses to change their risk ad