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A Poem Apart: Sch Schänden!

This is a Poem I wrote after hearing of a very sad story of a guy that cheated on his girlfriend. The setting: In a time when shame was worse than living and one young lady's narrowed view of the only way out. Reason: This time is still now, I wrote this poem in German because I figured I would practice my German and still express what I felt. I am no Poet but this a the words that came to mind as I thought of setting. "dachtest du, ich werde es nicht herausfinden bitte sag noch etwas mehr alles, alles, was aus deinem Mund kommt, sind nur Lügen  gehe weg von mir, du großer Lügner  du sagst, dass du mich liebst  dann drehst du dich um und stößt einen Dolch in mein Herz und drehst ihn  du großer Klugscheißer geh' weg von mir  obwohl ich dich noch immer liebe, so will ich mich dennoch umbringen  wie kann das nur Liebe sein?  Ist solch ein Leben lebenswert?  ohne Hoffnung, ohne Willen  du großes Stück Scheiße  lass mich in Ruhe, hast mich rui

Update of Web Developing

Well, I managed to develop the website as mentioned in an earlier post. However I did not use Joomla since I realized that was not the correct way to go. This brings me to a topic of choosing the right technologies to achieve the task at hand. I decided to use  HTML5  +  CSS3  +  javascript  as the project required me to do just that. Why: The website does not require content management The content is static There is no need for added security on the website since there is no user data input I can handle all the security on the website. Make sure to choose the correct technologies as that saves you money and time. As a start I think that I have done a decent job. I will work on a second version the moment I get some extra time. I am also in a better position to redesign the website to give a better User eXperience (UX) since I have been working in the UX department of a software company. I think with the new skills that I have gained thus far I can do a better job