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Windows 8 WinRT app

Some cool tools for creating a data intensive app especially those with Dashboards. These tools below are not in any specific order just a random list. 1. Take a look at one of my favorite people's website  Iris Classon , OK fine she doesn't know me but I know her work and i must say she rocks. You are the best thanks to you I managed to finish my MSc. programming project keep on coding and rocking. 2. Have a look at the  Telerik  website they provide an awesome "plugin" for data grids. Create fascinating touch-enabled Windows 8 apps that users will love. Built from the ground up for Windows 8, RadControls offer the same intuitive UI and UX no matter if you are developing in XAML or HTML. Being the first native Windows 8 controls around, RadControls guarantee to shorten your time to market, to get your app certified faster, and to help your app receive better ranks. Download today, experience the rich capabilities, and witness why RadControls were chosen by th

My Weekend in Prague

So last year a few friends and I decided that it would be a fun idea to travel to  Prague  for the weekend. and boy ohh boy was it fun. We drove there by car 7 of us and stayed at the Mosaic House  in central Prague. There is so much to do and so little time. We got there, checked in freshened up and away we went to live the night life of  Prague . Partying up a storm and then getting "home" at 04h00 am for a mini nap before the day started again. Woke up and first item on the agenda was FOOD. We had a gulash and bread bowl with tea for breakfast yummy, followed by a few hundred stairs to the old city centre tower to look at Prague from way up high: Magnifico the red roofs and gold plated buildings and everybody at the bottom of the tower seemingly going about their lives so tiny from up their. There is so much to tell but since this is my first post I think that is about it for part 1 ;) Laterz G!