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My encounter with Neo-Nazis in Leipzig Germany

Today, I am reflecting on my time at itCampus Software- & Systemhaus GmbH - A SOFTWARE AG COMPANY as a Master Thesis student ( University of Mannheim ) and User Researcher, almost 7 years ago. Working in the User Experience department with some of the most influential people in my career thus far. Under the leadership of Katharina Goering a thought leader in UX and innovation. This saw me move from Mannheim to Leipzig (part of former East Germany). Fun fact, the day I moved to Leipzig there was a Neo-Nazi protest happening. However, there was also a gegen (against) Nazi protest happening on the same day. Black guy with impeccable timing I am. In my building lived a Neo-Nazi, how did I know this? There were stickers on the street with his picture informing the residents that a neo-Nazi lived amongst us. Did I mention the day I wandered into a Nazi Bar in Leipzig, oblivious to this I sat down and asked for a beer? The entire bar went silent. Luckily, I had worn a t-shirt that said
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Story time: How I learned of being more...

It is often funny when one wishes to write a story about their journey: a journey in most cases at the beginning. In this short write-up, I wish to share with you the concept of limited scope. This is about my transformation, how it came about and how chance changed my life forever. I remember clearly as day being grade 12 -high school- learners, with my friends discussing future plans of futures bright. Secretly, I did not know what I wanted after high school. See, I grew up in a system that says, go to school, go to varsity, get a job and be successful (whatever that means). At the time of being grade 12 learners, there was a new wave of thinking, leaning more towards doing what you love. The thing is, I am one of those people with many "loves". Long story short, my friends and I all wanted to become engineers, myself being great at chemistry, felt chemical engineering would best suit me. Plans were made, UNI’s applied to and final exams are written

Living it UP at PyCon Nigeria

Hi Ya'll, It has been a while since I posted something on this blog. A lot has happened and I had to take some time off. I am not fully back yet, but am slowly getting back into the groove of things. For starters, I have dropped off a few projects that I was working on, most of them successfully complete, while others are in parked mode. The basic idea is: I need to re-focus and re-strategise on what I would like to do in the coming five (5) years. In short, I have something installed for you, watch this space. Anyhow, this post is about PyCon Nigeria , I am here, writing this very post from Lagos, Nigeria .  PyConNG!!! I think that is me in Lagos! :-) This is a Python programming language conference and is currently underway, it will run from September 13 (today) - 15, 2019. Well, rather let me say that it focuses on the language and the many cool uses of the programming language, from web apps to data sciences.  The first day (today) is dedica

Keeper: A Namibia Comic

Hi ya'll, So it has been a moment since the last time I posted anything, really! Damn, its but less than three months before the year ends and I have not fulfilled my blogging promises. In any case, such is life, some plans tend to take a back seat to others, or are there even others. 'Nuf said! This post is about a really great project that some young Namibians have been working on. According to the Authors (Silas Nangolo Mentos and Shaimemanya Ndeutapo Kondjashili ) of the Namibian comic book; Keeper (wish i could get the cool font here), they met at the defacto skate park in Windhoek - Augustineum Secondary School  - things happened and the idea blossomed. The comic book has great artwork and I can say that I love it. Being that this is Issue # 1 and Vol 1 I think we have much to expect. @Shingapi eyeing Vol 1 Issue 1 of Keeper Should I tell of what the contents are? Naah I think it best you buy a copy for yourself, it costs N$30.00, now that is a not even a bar

PyCon Zimbabwe 2016 in Harare

Hi ya'll, So for the past few days I have been in Zimbabwe and I boy ohh boy... Firstly my trip here was delayed by two (2) hours!!!!! that pissed me off because at the time I was busy trying to get some food but at the same time I was being paranoid that I might get left behind. The reason is that the restaurant in the departures area does not seem to have a speaker, so all I would hear were faint sounds of announcements the message in them? I have no idea! What pissed me off more was that I was trying to eat this amazing cheese burger but couldn't enjoy it because I constantly had to question whether the flight is boarding or not. That's that thank goodness they had wine on the flight to Harare :-). We arrived in Harare and to my surprise it was not as I would read in international media but exactly as my Zimbabwean friends told me: lovely, beautiful and the people uber nice! The only thing I knew was the address of where I was to go and then got into a Metered Taxi

A night to remember

Hi y'all, So the other day I am sitting in my office doing some "work" of course! Bored to the core as the repetitive nature of some tasks can be. Time seemed to be moving so gat darn slow and the stack of papers seemed to have an auto-refill from HELL! That was a side track the point is around 15h47 I get a call from a dear friend and partner in crime of mine. Yes! I am well aware of how precise that time is, I check while writing this post. The gist of all this blahh blahh is that I got an invite be her plus one (1). Being I was bored I was ready to leave the office. The only thing that kept me in the office was the idea of eventually being stuck in traffic for a few minutes to an hour while we battle congestion on the way to the venue. After about two (2) hours of anxiously waiting it out we made our way to the lovely  River Crossing Lodge  just on the outskirts of Windhoek (5 minutes) on the airport road, located on a 6500 hectare game reserve. That place has an

Moonlight and All that I/It/He Is-Was-Is; repeat!

Hi ya'll, (Photo Credit: Gabriel Nhinda) I sit here wondering but pondering really of what has become of the child. Bewildered as I reminisce of all the freedom and carefree spirited-ness that a child embodies. Have you ever just thought, I mean really honesty thought and analysed your thoughts of the boy/girl child you are? I don't know, but there is something fragile about growing-up rich in fear, fear of failure, fear in success (whatever that even means!), fear in all things life. Somethings make no sense to me most times and I choose to ignore them. Why? you may ask! I see no reason why I should spend time wondering why I do not understand other peoples behavior at times, after all as a friend once put it "They don't care anyway". But back to my initial thought. There is something about the moonlight that simply takes me to a place of peace, a place where I could swear I was much younger and have no worries or none that I could care to worry about in