Drought in Namibia

I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but I am Namibian. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world hands down.

I do not have a home town but rather a home village. This year according to an article in  The Namibian newspaper, it is reported that most households will only harvest about 30% of their usual annual quantity.

This news is most devastating since more than 50% of the country survives on communal farming, I hope that the Government has some kind of drought relief plan that will meet the residents half way or at least in this case 70% of the way.

As if this is not hard, most farmers have started to sell off their live stock in accordance to the call by the president as a way to mitigate and circumvent the effects of the drought. The farmers are really getting mediocre prices for their live stock, even though this is the case most farmers will sell since they know that they would loose more cattle later. Like my father used to say "Know when to loose and let go". I guess the supply and demand curve is not in favor of farmers.

However i applaud the efforts of Meatco to try and buy up all the live stock that is brought to them by the farmers, these are hard times for all.

I will update this topic as more news unfolds, especially with regards to the drought relief plan.



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