App Development

1 st  App Developed--- CHECK :) 

So as part of my Masters Degree in Business Informatics, at the University of Mannheim, I had to do a year long team project. The thought terrified me because firstly I sucked at programming and I was thinking "this will be a disaster". It was Thursday 15th of March 2012 when I was scrolling through the available projects and time was ticking as the best projects were snatched up fast. I eventually gathered enough courage to click the apply button which I had been putting off since I enrolled for the study programme. 

Well fast forward One year later and we have done it we have developed an application for Windows 8 and WinRT tablet devices. Ok ok, fine it was just a prototype and we did not actually go through the certification of the app store from Windows. But the learning curve was more than I had expected.

There were times when I wanted to rip my hair off because I could not find the point of failure but in the end my team helped out (thank you guys).

There is more I will overtime give and account of how we went about it and the tools we used and hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there.



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