Monday, 4 January 2016

Merry New year (2016)

Hi ya'll,

It seems like ages ago when I decided to start this blog. Yes, I am fully aware that my postings have not been consistent, for that I apologise. On the bright side I can successfully say that I have figured a few things and will be making writing even a little piece a frequent thing. Thought I have not yet decided on the frequency.

In any case I am trusting that most of you have returned safely from you travels (if you weren't working that is). I myself had me a MERRY NEW YEAR!!


But even more exciting it is almost 2 years since I returned back home .... yaaay :)

It amazes me how time flies so fast, it seems like only a few months ago I was in limbo as to what I was to do with the rest of my life now that I have returned to the #hometurf. Now, things seem much clearer and I have settled relatively well although there are a few things that still puzzle me about home. Someone once made the comment "you only left for two (2) and a half years, how can you be so shocked at some of these things? like who does that?". It was a valid question but in order to understand the significant change that one can undergo within a period of six (6) months, you would have to have lived somewhere else for an extended period of time. There are some schools of thought that contest that you cannot see the cracks within a system when you thought of it, designed it, developed it, tested it, and gave it up with no maintenance.

I guess what I am trying to say is that when you step out of a group (out of group cohesion) you tend to notice some of the things that the group does, those things that may not be productive, putting the group as a whole about 5 steps back for every 1 step. Also the point of living is growing, when you live in a community that is not necessarily your own, you tend to study the community from it pros and cons to trying to have a deep understanding of why the individuals in that community do and say what they do and say.

I do not claim to be an ethnographer but I have observed some trends living in various communities and from that I have grasped some concepts, ideas, and ways doing things; that in my opinion would and could greatly improve our society as a whole. Yes, I just ranted for a minute.

Anyway, the year 2016 is here and so many things to do and accomplish, I say let us be realistic with our expectations, set S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives coupled with some fun amidst the crazy busy work life.

Merry New Year (2019)



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