Monday, 3 August 2015

Winter Nights; boredom

Hi ya'll,

So I have been thinking lately that I need to find a new hobby.

Someone I told asked me why?

I don't know but of late I have been feeling like I have way too much time on my hands. The reasons are many but some that I think are pertinent at present are:

  1. I have officially become more efficient at doing what I do thus resulting in me having more time available.
  2. I have become more lazy, and thus refuse to do more than what is required of me (I highly doubt this!)
  3. Most of the businesses I started have finally started to take root and I don't have to baby sit them anymore.
The above are in my mind the most significant possible reasons.

below are some of the activities I would like to start embarking on:
  1. Writing poetry (I had really good comments on my poem I wrote in German, titled: A Poem Apart: Sch Schänden!)
  2. Swimming (I started with this but stopped because I didn't have enough time to be attending my classes as often as I wished)
  3. Horse riding (The last time I was on one was a long time ago at the farm and I had to make an emergency exit from the horse, long story for another post maybe).
  4. Mixology (making 'em cocktail; I actually did this when I was a student in Germany at some parties and I must say I liked it).
If you have any other suggestion do leave a comment, But oohhhh just remembered maybe blog everyday could be number 5.



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