Saturday, 13 June 2015

Programming on Supercomputers

Hi ya'll,

So as a pass time I have decided to keep myself busy with learning activities. One such activity is the IT Masters course on Programming on Supercomputers. The class is scheduled to start on the 17th of June 2015 and i can't wait.

Some of the sample content of this course is listed below:

  1. Porting code to the Xeon Phi
  2. Coding Linear Methods for Regression
  3. Model Assessment and Selection
  4. Additive Models, Trees and Related Methods
  5. Support Vector Machines and Flexible Discriminants'
  6. Neural Networks
  7. Developing using Prototype Methods and Nearest Neighbours
  8. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

It is a 5 week long class and it has both live lectures by way of Webinars, alternatively the content will also be available as recordings for later viewing.

But the best part is that between "Lectures", there will be extra reading and practical labs to enable testing of a Xeon Phi and CUDA based system.

I can't wait GPU programming, this is just the start. Imagine what kind of supercomputing you can expect...



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