Thursday, 11 June 2015

Life Update

Hi Ya'll,

I trust most of you have been doing well. Ame ondili nawa lela.

So it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog and in all honesty I will make it a weekly thing from now on "That's what I said... 7 months ago". In any-case, I have been a busy worker bee, finally worked on my business ideas; well some of them at least, got a full-time job; pat on my back ;-) and traveled rather extensively (for how busy I am).

 But that is not the most exciting news as of yet. Lately, I regained my interest and passion for old cars and finally got my Classic VW Beetle fixed and running. The amazing feeling one gets from a tuned classic beetle Engine is crazy good. She runs as smooth as a baby's bottom and the rush you I get from driving it, I just can't explain. I am looking to name her, but I am thinking HEIDI mostly because it is German, sounds like a trusty person, did I mention its a German name?

Anyhow, at present I just have to sort out some registration issues and we (HEIDI and I) might start taking holidays together.

On the other side of things, I just bought about 5 new books by Namibian Authors, well actually just 4. The 5th book I worked for, how? Well, the bookstore that I buy my books from called Orumbonde Bookstore, which is located at the Arts and Crafts Centre in Windhoek, Namibia: Is run by a Gentleman by the name of Wolfram who also happens to be a scholar of African Studies. He wrote a book called The Colonising Camera: Photographs in the Making of Namibian History and book that looks at well how the colonial era dealt with images etc. I did a small job for him and he gifted said book to me. The exciting thing about it is that, it is the last book to have been printed and for sale. yaaayyy mee!

Ohh well, time to get back to work, Twas nice updating this blog again,



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