Monday, 6 October 2014

XAML and C# programming

Hi ya'll,

So a few months back I blogged about developing a Windows 8 WinRT application for my Master's degree project. Sometime back a friend asked me why we did not use JavaScript instead of XAML and C# according to him "XAML was killed by Steve Jobs", seeing that iOS doesn't utilize flash etc.

Today i just got confirmation that I didn't waste my time learning XAML, in all honesty XAML is not that hard or maybe I just didn't dive really deep. But then again how much deeper can you get than creating the User Interface of a mobile application?

Anyway back to the article, it was written by Kevin Dockx, who happens to be an expert on the subject matter and is actually rather well-known within the XAML developer community, especially in Europe. He is of the idea that XAML actually has a bright future especially for those developers using it for develop Business Applications.

Furthermore he adds that the advent of Xamarin into the Microsoft Partners community is actually a plus. Because now XAML developers can develop once and run on iOS and Android as well.

Well friend if you are reading this I guess that read the article for yourself, it is titled What is the future of XAML?

It feels good to know that my time and skills will still be needed and to think I almost moved to JavaScript.



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