Monday, 14 July 2014

Writing the thesis...

Hi ya'll,

So I am still busy writing my thesis well, 21.7.14 11:59 is the last date and time for the hand in. 

I can't wait for the time when I hand it in, overall it is done I am left with the last 5 pages of the thesis which I just can't seem to crank out. I mean on a day some 2 months ago I wrote 7 pages in one day and I mean proper quality stuff but I just can't seem to finish writing 5 pages. It has been 3 days now that I have been trying to finish these pages but I just can't.

Giving up is not an option I will have to dig deep and pull 'em words from my fingers somehow. Writing this post is just another classic example of professional procrastination. I know this for a fact because I could be writing one of those paragraphs for the 5 pages but I just don't know. Hopefully if I keep typing here I will get inspiration to continue writing.

Not that I am a writer or anything but they say there is something called a writers block, I am self-diagnosing! What qualifies me, is the fact that I have gotten good at starring at my computer screen for extended periods of time without being able to write anything that makes sense or is of any scientific relevance. Sometimes I think maybe I am being too critical of myself but then again I think I sacrificed 2 years of my life for this Masters degree I might as well give it one last good whack and not look back later and think of what I could've done better. 

Okay, I will be honest I probably will look back on the 22.7.14 and see how I could've improved my thesis. Then again it is simply my nature to consistently keep improving things I do even when those that requested them think it surpassed their expectations. Yes I am humbly bragging because I need to lie to myself that it is a good practice so that I don't have to deal with the reality of having to write these 5 pages.

Oh well this could've been a good page and Remain_pages- Curr_Page = Remain_pages; Damnit!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't get how on this one thing I can't concerntrate but I have been working on other little projects and I seem to be pumped up about those. uuuhhh I just got a great Idea..

I have to go write it down now before I forget. I might upload a sample ;-)


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