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Okavango Delta is a World heritage site!

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The Okavango Delta occurs in three countries, namely: Angola, Botswana and Namibia respectively. It is made up of flat flood zones that supply wild animals (birds, Lechwe, Hippo etc.) with plenty of food to gaze and for the traveler an breathtaking scenery parallel to none-other in the world.

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Although this come a bit late but I read that the Okavango Delta has been registered by Botswana onto the World Heritage list. This is a remarkable achievement not only for the preservation of its natural beauty but also for the employment generation possibilities. Although it took about 5 years for the government of Botswana to put it onto the list; due to the number of stakeholders that needed to be consulted.

Since I can remember I have heard about the Okavango Delta, this is one of the most magnificent natural wonders that I have heard of and seen pictures of. It spots some of the most scenic horizons coupled with an abundant supply of exotic birds. Whether you are planning a romantic canoe cruse on the Okavango river, or swimmin with the Hippopotamuses or fishing next to the reeds. It is advice-able for keep an eye out for the Crocodiles. Here in the Okavango Delta waterside lodges with 5 star amenities surround the delta.

During the summer months the scores of tourists that flock to this breathtaking location are countless. The addition of the site to the WHF will certainly see and increase in the number of visitors that travel to this sites. Along the way this is a great job creator for the locals and local crafts and trade have a good chance of being revived to their former glory days.

I just hope with Botswana already having listed Namibia and Angola will follow suit. This will give the chance of cross border tourism a much better chance. Another thing that comes with the listing of amazing sites is the fact that now the rest of the world is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the site according to international standards; which ensures that sites are around for future generations to see and enjoy. For the environmentally conscious the WHF is a visiting must as it ensures that they are giving to fair trade.

Fair trade is a discussion for another day.

But for now congratulations to Botswana on this milestone.


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