Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dependency on foreign Aid, Aid, Aid

Hi ya'll,

In this post I will be writing about something that really bugs me about the world as it is at the moment.

It starts of with me writing my thesis, needing a break I took the opportunity to catch-up with some news from home. Not that kind of news, rather that which hardly makes it into the newspapers "because it does not sell". I mean social media to be specific Facebook.

I was reading about some really funny story about; okay  I can't remember what exactly it was but it was funny, take my word for it. Anyway that is not the focus of this post. As I scrolled down a friends timeline I came to see a very disturbing but true post about how most developing countries have come to depend on aid. I mean looking back now I can see that actually that is the truth. I personally know of people that do almost nothing for themselves, they sit and wait for a donor agency to come along and tell them what to do with their time. Others seem to be over the moon with working for an NGO from oversees to do mundane tasks like mobilizing information about cleanliness etc. There is nothing wrong with advocating for cleanliness, but what I fine disturbing is the fact that they had to wait for an external entity to come and tell them what to do. And NO they are not being paid they are volunteers, so the logic I don't get.

This just goes to show how dependent we are on foreign NGOs. Another puzzling thing is the aid issue, with all the environmental gifts that we have, we still wait for aid coming from oversees.

  • How is that helping us to develop our countries?
  • Is it not out of need that those countries that provide the aid, developed the infrastructure they have to produce enough for their own to eat and feed us too? 
  • Why do we wait for people to come thousands of miles away to tell use to do things we already know how to do?

I am not saying aid is bad. What I am saying is that it is about time we stop waiting for aid and start making waves and cause some form of mental awakening to pull ourselves out of the mental slump that we are in, so that maybe we maybe able to send aid too.

In one of the following weblog posts I will be speaking about unbalanced trade between countries.

For now it is all I have to say, on this matter but man was I livid to see that young man brag about how he only works with international NGOs. To that young man; when will you have your own NGO?



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