Wednesday, 21 August 2013


So, this post is just a mini version of the rant I had this morning with my mirror.

So I have been studying for 3 weeks now for some exams that I should have written already in June but being the smart guy that I am I postponed them so that I could enjoy my summer (The sun took it's pretty time getting here, it was a long depressing winter grrr).

I now have to memorise so much, theory it is unbelievable. Anyway back to the cause of the rant, three weeks into studying I realised that I am nowhere near nano second recall of the contents of all the subjects, this really pissed me off since I missed so many cool parties :-(.

I stood there so a good 5 minutes thinking to myself, I should have taken these damned exams the first time around; I could be enjoying the summer break to the fullest and working on my many app ideas that I have half done. I could actually be close to finish that German book I have been reading for 8 months (ok, German is a nice, very expressive language but it just makes me sleep after 20 pages, and 5 weeks later is when I have the "lust", to read in German again).

Anyway I was ranting about my wasted time and after slapping myself in the face a couple of times, I decided to go buy a bottle of wine, some crisps, steaks (as a student in Germany that means, pork steak) and have a mini breakfast slumber party for 1!

Halfway through the bottle of wine and I started panicking because I couldn't remember some very important aspects of Strategic Network Alliances from my Strategic Management class.

Let us just say, out came the coffeeeeeee and I was headed for the library.

I now sit here half drunk writing this post and thinking, why am I not studying but writing a blog post...

oohhh damn it I am stopping now,

Or am I,

Well that is one pretty young lady, shall i go say hi? dang she looks so concentrated though, and my typing seems to be irritating here...

I am sure if I don't stop now she will kill me..

Ohh.. snap I am thinking aloud or is it typing aloud ... damn-it...

Ok I am going to study now.. ooh but she is so pretty though ;-)