Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wordpress Development

Hi ya'll,

So I am currently on holiday and wanting to keep busy, you know what they say about idle hands :)

So I decided since WordPress is being used by more and more organisations out there.

Setting up the development environment:

Ok so I thought it would be the easiest thing in the world I mean what could possibly go wrong with just clicking a few buttons

To my luck I found this awesomely cool website by the foxiest ladies in the Tech world called: ITCUTIESCuties they are indeed :P. I followed their advice on the video How to Install WordPress on a Windows platform (I am running a Windows 8 pro edition Operating system)

Below are the instructions and some of the errors I ran into:

  • Download Wampserver and install it (it comes with Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, SQLBuddy, XDebug): 
    • Choose the directory in which you wish to install it
    • Click finish and the server should be online (You will see it is either green or orange)
    • On the Wampserver icon on the notifications pane click on PHPMyAdmin
    • It should automatically give you the login screen 
      • If you get an error message:

        HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

        !it could be that some other application is running on port 80 which is the default port
      • To resolve this: goto the Wampserver icon Apache>httpd
        • Change the Listen 80 to Listen 81 or anyother port that might be open, Save your settings and restart the wampserver
        • When you open the PHPMyAdmin again do not forget to specify the port number i.e. localhost:81/phpmyadmin 
        • This should work if not have a look StackOverFlow
    • After login Username: root Password: blank (PS: Don't type blank!)
      • Click on Users>Add User> Fill in the username and password and since I will be using my computer to develop change the Host--> Local + Under database for user click on Create database with same name and grant all privileges
      • Verify that all is created! 
  • Now Download WordPress from:
    • Extract the download and move it to the \wamp\www\ directory
    • After this go to your browser and enter the URL localhost:81/wordpress: This should open a page that asks you to create a configuration file --> Click on it
    • Proceed to fill in all the details and click on submit
    • Click login and you enter the credentials you just created and you are logged into WordPress 
Happy coding, I will post from time to time my progress :)



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