Sunday, 26 May 2013

Windows 8 WinRT app

Some cool tools for creating a data intensive app especially those with Dashboards. These tools below are not in any specific order just a random list.

1. Take a look at one of my favorite people's website Iris Classon, OK fine she doesn't know me but I know her work and i must say she rocks.
You are the best thanks to you I managed to finish my MSc. programming project keep on coding and rocking.

2. Have a look at the Telerik website they provide an awesome "plugin" for data grids.

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3. Download Visual Studio Express 2012

4. Ohh by the way you will also need a Windows 8 machine be it a Virtual Machine or however else you wish to do it.

5. Before even thinking about the coding look at the Design Principles since Windows 8 metro style apps are different from the usual Windows forms apps in the UX and UI design.

6. The most important of all is the drive and passion for coding else all goes out of the door



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